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Adding a new page

To add a new page you simply need to create a new file with the .md file ending in the appropriate sub-folder of the cloned repository's folder.

Generally all pages are located in the docs folder. Depending on the type of guide/documentation you want to create select the fitting sub-folder:

  • If you want to provide documentation for your own code, go into the mods folder and create a new folder with the name of your mod. Then create a new file in that folder.
  • If you want to provide a guide on modding or mapping, select an appropriate existing folder (such as cooking-testing) or create a new one that fits your topic.
  • If you want to improvie this contribution guide, go into the contribute folder and create a new file there.

If you need help with this process or with selecting the right subfolder ask the ARK Modding Team - or simply do a best guess and we will help you sort it out later before accepting your changes.