Ark Modding: Where do i start? Resources for ADK/UE4 Beginners

This is a compilation aimed at absolute UE4/ADK beginners. Im trying to point out the most important tutorials and resources(other than this site) that will get you started:

Essential UE4 Tutorials:

These are the official Unreal Engine tutorial i consider most essential when starting out. Watching them should give you a good overview how things work in the Engine in general which i think is necessary for modding ARK.

Intro to the UE4 Editor:

Basic Overview of the UE4 Editor


Twin Stick Shooter Framework:

Explains Actors, Component, Pawn, Character, Controller and Gamemode.


Blueprint Introduction:

Basic Introduction to Blueprint Scripting. Useful even if you don’t plan to do graph scripting yourself because it explains how to create class blueprints, how to add components etc.

NOTE: Lot’s of things are done in the Level Blueprint here which is something that you will probably rarely use with ARK, but it is still a good introduction how the graph scripting works!


Blueprint Essentials:

Covers the most basic Blueprint nodes.


Introduction to Networking:

Series on replication. Very important if you plan on doing scripting since ARK is a multiplayer game.


Unreal Engine Documenation:

The documentation is a very good source of information that you will learn to love. Lots of topics very well explained!


Ark DevKit:

ARKModding Tutorials:


TheWookie’s Ark Modding Tutorials Playlist:


Official Ark Modding Forums:


Ark Modding Discord:

Ark Modding Community Discord Channel. Lots of helpful people in there, good place to get in touch with other modders. Wiki:

Modding Wiki, still in its infancy and not very complete yet, but we will get there!


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